"Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions" - Anonymous

The Teacher

Teachers form the backbone of a society. They have the daunting task of opening up and inspiring the minds of learners to achieve their potential. Their work of facilitating the assimilation of knowledge and acquisition of skill lies at the foundation of economic development of any a nation.

In many countries, however, teachers face big challenges which prevent them from doing their work effectively. Some of these challenges include; lack of proper training, lack of teaching resources, being paid too little (and oftentimes too late), overcrowded classes, and so on.

Without addressing these challenges thoroughly, we can never hope of having a vibrant education system.

While some of these challenges will have to be addressed by the government and relevant organizations, we at Padziwe feel that we can play a role to help mitigate some of them.

This is the reason why in our Digital Education Eco-System we have developed applications and platforms to be used specifically by teachers. We hope that these innovations will help reduce the workload which teachers usually have and, most importantly, help teachers acquire more knowledge and skills to perform better when teaching.


Teachers Desk

This is an online platform which provides continuous professional development (CPD) training to teachers to improve their instruction delivery skills. The platform has videos, live assesments, forum discussions, and additional resources. This platform can also be accessed offline.

Exam Bank

Exam Bank is an application which aims at making the process of forming exams effective and smooth. Teachers assemble an unlimited number of questions in this application and when it's time to formulate an exam paper they just select the questions they want to appear on it. The rest of the process is handled by the Exam Bank, including formatting and producing mark schemes

Padziwe Digital Library

This is an offline application which contains syllabus-based lessons. These lessons are presented using rich media such videos, audio, interactive animations, etc. Teachers can use these resources to deliver lessons. Furthermore, when students have access to these lessons it means teachers do not have to allocate time to write notes on the chalkboard. This gives more time for actual teaching and reduces teachers' strain

Padziwe School Management System

Padziwe School Management System (PSMS) is anapplication which presents a convenient and cost-effective way for teachers and schools to manage their core functions. The application keeps records ranging from students’ details to exam results and helps authorized staff as well as parents to access this information. By automating some of the core functions, the application creates more time for teachers to teach